10 Books that Build Empathy

One of my favorite things about reading is that I can feel what another person is going through even though I never lived through their experiences myself. I hope this helps me to be more compassionate and understanding with others.

Christmas Far From Home

The most wonderful time of the year? Hardly. I was doing my best to forget that Christmas was coming. Maybe if I bought no gifts, made no special food, did no decorating, we could forget that our families would be together, laughing, feasting, playing, and we were in a strange country, in a house that didn’t feel like ours, alone on Christmas day.

That Difficult Child

When our oldest was a baby, I heard a preacher say, “If you think child training is going to be easy, I want you to know it’s harder than you think. But if you think it’s hard, it’s easier than you think.” Looking back, I know now I thought it would be easy. It is a whole lot harder than I thought.

Christmas Picture Books

Christmas picture books have become one of my favorite parts of the days leading up to Christmas. So many Christmas-related activities require planning and preparation, but a stack of picture books is ready to be enjoyed as is.

Chai Tea Latte

I’ll confess that I only knew chai tea as something that came out of a box. When I first saw a recipe for chai tea and started experimenting with it, I was delighted that I could make something so delicious with spices I already had.