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Dreams of a Lifetime

Dreams of a Lifetime

Two pajama-clad girls clambered onto the bed, each calling for the spot closest to mom. I pulled them close, and they snuggled down for our nightly ritual. “Let’s talk about when we get big,” Tasha said.

She is three, going on eighteen.

“What do you want to do when you get big?” I asked her.

“No, you say.” She waits, face upturned to hear the verdict.

“Maybe when you get big you’ll teach Bible stories to a class of village children and tell them about Jesus,” I said.

“Yes!” Her eyes shone and she clasped her hands over her heart. “What will Zoe do?”

“Maybe she’ll be a school teacher someday like Daddy.”

“I wanna be a school teacher too!” This girl--so like her mother, wanting a chance to experience everything.

“What will Paris be?” Paris’s only interests are eating and sleeping at this point, so a guess is the best we can do.

“Maybe she will love children and go around helping moms when they have new babies.”

“Oh, I wanna do that too!” Tasha bounces with possibility.

There are a limited amount of things I can do for God in my one lifetime, but today my arms are full of wiggling, breathing, giggling girls.

Sometimes when life suffocates me and the walls of my house feel close, I think this stage is down time, an interruption to the more important work God has for me. But, as C.S. Lewis says, “Children are not a distraction from the more important work, they are the most important work.”

 I am shaping little arrows every day. What joy if each of these little souls chooses Christ as their Savior and lives in victory! What a harvest if each can share the gospel with someone who is lost. What fulfillment if each can ease a little human suffering along the way. If they could stand on my shoulders and grasp a vision beyond themselves—whether to quietly perform their duties in homes of their own or to serve abroad translating the Bible for a remote tribe, ministering to refugees, spreading the Good News.

These little arrows will be shot into the world, to see places where I’ll never set foot, to experience things my life is too short to see, and to witness to far more people than I could meet.

An interruption ‘til I can return to the bigger picture? I think not. Three little dreams waiting to be fulfilled.

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