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Stop-Light Popsicles

Stop-Light Popsicles

I would have been willing to hand in my resignation as a mother several times this past week if I had had the option. My children painted their names on the house and scratched them onto the side of the van. My baby has developed a hatred of sitting in church and a dislike of eating greens.

But, I had a few pops of joy this week too, and these popsicles were one of them.

Tasha's grandma gave her a Mommy and Me cookbook (affiliate link) for her birthday. Many of the recipes aren't ones I'd normally think of for children (crepes, cheese cake, and roll-up cookies), but with step-by-step picture instructions, Tasha takes control of the project, and I assist. We've had some very enjoyable times stirring and tasting together. 

I tend to make the quickest, easiest recipes—anything that can be slapped into a pan or thrown into the blender—but when Tasha picked this layered popsicle to try, I agreed. It really wasn't that complicated, and they are such fun to eat.

A fresh fruit popsicle is the definition of refreshing on these sticky summer days, and I can feel good about handing them to my children because they are real food—no artificial flavors or colors. 

We blended each of the three fruits, poured the first layer into the cups, and popped the other two purees into the refrigerator. After each layer froze, we poured the next one on top.

A few hours later...


Stop-Light Popsicles 

Yield: 12 popsicles

A quarter of a small watermelon

3 large peaches or 2 large mangos

5 large kiwi fruits

½ C sugar

3 tbsp water

For the red layer, puree the watermelon flesh in the blender with 1/3 of the sugar. Strain the seeds. Pour into 8 oz. cups or freezer molds. Freeze 1½ hours.

For the yellow layer, peel the peaches or mangoes. Blend the flesh with another 1/3 of the the sugar. Pour this yellow puree on the red layer. Freeze until solid. Note: I added a few tablespoons of orange juice to this layer because my mangoes were firm.

For the green layer, peel the kiwi fruits. Blend with water and the remaining sugar. If desired, strain out seeds. Pour into the cups or molds, then add sticks and freeze.


#momonamissionblog #stoplightpopsicles #popsicles #realfood

#momonamissionblog #stoplightpopsicles #popsicles #realfood

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