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Tips for Mission Hosts or Guests

Tips for Mission Hosts or Guests

By Rosetta Yoder, Guest Contributor

“Distributing to the necessity of saints, given to hospitality” (Romans 12:13). As missionaries in Belize, we never counted how many times we....

• Washed and fixed the beds.

• Cleaned the guesthouse.

• Dried towels in the tropical breezes (or pouring rain).

• Added water to the soup.

• Served iced coffee on a hot day.

• Invited in strangers AGAIN! (Don’t get me wrong - I love meeting new people!)

• Cooked rice and patted out tortillas.

• Tried to act warmhearted when we wanted nothing more than to hide and have some time alone.

We haven't attained our master's degree in the art of hospitality, but we have been blessed by many encouraging guests. I would like to share a few notes which I pray can turn hosting and traveling experiences into blessings.


To the host...

• Prepare a bed with fresh sheets.

• Give the bathroom a once-over. Make towels and toilet paper easily accessible.

• Arrange a bouquet on the dresser with a welcome note resting beside it.

• Pray for your guests' safe travels.

• Put some cold drinking water next to the bed. Also consider a small basket with a few snacks.

• Make a menu schedule for the next few days.

• Keep the meals simple. (You don't need to appear as a Taste of Home cook.)

• Keep the cleaning simple, maybe just a quick tidy. Likely the house will look worse after the guests have left. Who wants to arrive to a tired and stressed out host?

• Take a fifteen-minute rest.

• Spend time in prayer that your life and home could be a blessing and encouragement. And if you're not feeling up to company, pray for a change of feelings, because it will come!

• Involve your guests in your daily routine. They will be blessed in reaching out and helping with duties.

• Show them the washer and how to use it. Make it clear that they are welcome to it whenever they need it.

• Most of all, make them feel at home and comfortable. Let them know that if there's anything they need, you will be happy to get it for them.


To the guest...

• Do you feel a need for an all-out vacation—no work involved? Consider your traveling plans. A vacation may be needful, but it may not be suitable for your destination.

• Contact your host about your arrival and departure dates.

• Let your host family know that you will fit into their schedule, and that you would love to help out where needed.

• Pack easy meal items to share with your hostess.

• Consider giving your host family a break by preparing your wallet for a restaurant night.

• Pack a host gift.

• Help your hostess with meal preparation. Good food doesn't just pop out of the fridge.

• Take care of your own laundry and offer to help your hostess with hers.

• Pray for wisdom that you can be a blessing to your host and family. Read stories or blow bubbles with the children so their mommy can work.

• Before leaving, tidy up your room. Put dirty sheets and towels on a pile next to the washer. If staying at a mission, consider leaving a donation for the gas and food you used and enjoyed.


Rosetta, her husband Jonathon, and their children Trenton, Travis, and Amber have returned to live in their former home community in South Central Kentucky, after living in Belize for four years. She enjoys coffee, Belizian cooking, a clean house, time spent with family and friends, and dates with her man! Contact her at

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