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Introducing Piper

Introducing Piper

It’s been a week now. It’s been forever.

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I’m never prepared for how a baby will fill a spot in our hearts we didn’t even know was there, will bring so much joy. I’m never prepared for how our baby completely wrecks us—our schedules, our sleep, my husband’s and my alone time, even my sense of what day it is. All is now subject to a Little Miss, to feedings, baths, naps, and settling whose turn it is to hold her.

A week ago, the doctor had offered that we could come in, and I could be induced if we were ready to have the baby. This is very common in Belize—both my other Belizean births were induced. Davy and I were hoping that labor could start naturally this time, so we decided to hold off a few days. However, baby decided for us. I got up Friday morning and my water broke. We packed our things and headed for the clinic.

Three and a half hours later she was born. The most eventful part of it was the ride from my hospital room to the delivery room. My room was just off the waiting room, which at mid-morning was full of women waiting to see the doctor. I was having serious urges to push, so the doctor was trying to hurry the nurse. She grabbed the wheelchair and burst into the waiting room, catching the foot rest on the water cooler, a chair, the wall. Believe me, my eyes were averted! We made it the delivery room just in time for the doctor to catch the baby, and I wondered what the waiting room full of people would think if we’d reemerge with our wrapped bundle only a few minutes later. Thankfully they let us stay there for a little while!

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Our little Piper Brooke weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20 inches long. Is there any significance to her name? I must admit that the only criteria we use for a name is that Davy and I both like it. About ten years ago I met a Piper and I was so enamored with her name (surely someone with such a beautiful name writes poetry?) that a year later I introduced her to Davy, my then-boyfriend, in hopes that he would like the name as much as I did.

Those pink walls! It may be ironic that I was reading Joanna Gaines’   Homebody   as I labored.

Those pink walls! It may be ironic that I was reading Joanna Gaines’ Homebody as I labored.


We rested there at the clinic for several hours, but both us were feeling antsy to get home. We wondered if we could be released yet that night. The doctor gave the OK. We had to wait til late for the pediatrician to come clear the baby’s release, so all the children were in bed til we got home.

They didn’t know we were planning to come home that night, but her crying woke them. I’m a little surprised they didn’t come out right then to see her, but when Davy got up around 7:00 and carried Piper out to the living room, all three girls were sitting on the couch, wiggling with anticipation. They’ve been fighting over her ever since.


Ash took his status as no-longer-baby in stride, saying, “Baby. Baby” over and over.


Davy’s cousin is here to help us for several weeks, and we are in good hands. I feel like I am recovering well. And we feel blessed, so so blessed for this chance to love another Gift from God.

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