All in Family

Christmas Far From Home

The most wonderful time of the year? Hardly. I was doing my best to forget that Christmas was coming. Maybe if I bought no gifts, made no special food, did no decorating, we could forget that our families would be together, laughing, feasting, playing, and we were in a strange country, in a house that didn’t feel like ours, alone on Christmas day.

That Difficult Child

When our oldest was a baby, I heard a preacher say, “If you think child training is going to be easy, I want you to know it’s harder than you think. But if you think it’s hard, it’s easier than you think.” Looking back, I know now I thought it would be easy. It is a whole lot harder than I thought.

Dreams of a Lifetime

Two pajama-clad girls clambered onto the bed, each calling for the spot closest to mom. I pulled them close, and they snuggled down for our nightly ritual. “Let’s talk about when we get big,” Tasha said.

Flying With Children

Let’s face it. Flying with young children will never be a time to catch up on sleep, lounge in the terminal with a cup of Starbucks, or speed through a book. Traveling with children takes forethought and attention to detail, but it can be navigated without a loss of sanity. No promises for your dignity though!