Dreams of a Lifetime

Two pajama-clad girls clambered onto the bed, each calling for the spot closest to mom. I pulled them close, and they snuggled down for our nightly ritual. “Let’s talk about when we get big,” Tasha said.

Is It Worth It?

Those lovely pictures of the first strawberries of the season, packs of petunias and marigolds ready for planting, and mud squishing between little toes are what started it. A longing for Somewhere Where I Wasn’t.

Flying With Children

Let’s face it. Flying with young children will never be a time to catch up on sleep, lounge in the terminal with a cup of Starbucks, or speed through a book. Traveling with children takes forethought and attention to detail, but it can be navigated without a loss of sanity. No promises for your dignity though!

Where Is Home?

“Does Belize feel like home?” It’s a question I hear a lot when we are visiting the States. I rarely pause before I answer, “Yes, it does.” We’ve lived in Belize over three years now, and when we step out of the airplane and into that blast of hot, moist air, I give a happy sigh. We are home.